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Why CatalystHEALTH Media?

CatalystHEALTH Media offers a combination of exceptional qualities to fulfill your pharma copywriting, concepting, and content development needs:

Uniquely Diverse Skills

Not only do I have the standard qualifications expected from pharma copywriters, I have additional relevant skills and talents. Unlike most pharmaceutical copywriters, I hold prestigious credentials in science, journalism, and various media. I stay up-to-speed on the latest trends in medicine, media, and technology. I've authored many peer-reviewed journal articles on medical mobile apps and social media, FDA pharma advertising regulations, as well as cutting-edge medical technologies, such as nanomedicine and pharmacogenomics, that are integral to producing the next generation of pharmaceuticals. I have a knowledge of website development, and experience with different design, production, and web development programs, such as WordPress, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, and DVD Studio Pro. Since I am familiar with these programs, I can effectively communicate with the studio or production personnel that use them, or even use these tools myself to help execute projects. Not only can I create compelling copy, but I am also trained in visual media (photography, video, & other) and have a well-recognized aesthetic sense. These abilities enable me to contribute to finding unique, creative, and impactful approaches to projects to achieve "results that spark." If you wish to review my portfolio, please contact me  for the password.


Creative Agency AND Pharmaceutical Industry Experience

I've spent a lot of time interacting with pharma company clients while working with creative agencies. However, during the eight years that I  was on staff in the pharmaceutical industry, I worked side-by-side with brand managers, sales trainers, and medical, regulatory, or legal personnel every day. I spent many hours participating in meetings with these colleagues, so I am quite familiar with their needs, the way they think, and the restrictions they have to follow. I ushered many projects through medical-regulatory-legal committee meetings and also taught sales training courses. This experience provides me with an invaluable perspective regarding the right tone to strike, how much the "envelope" might be pushed creatively, and predicting whether the client will approve or reject content because of regulatory or legal restrictions. This knowledge makes for a more seamless, efficient, and cost-effective process in producing a deliverable, and ultimately a much happier and more satisfied client. So, who better to hire as a pharma copywriter than someone like me, who can "think" and "speak" both agency and client?


High Standards, Fair Rates

My objective is to deliver a project that achieves client goals in as short a process as possible. This requires not only great copywriting, but also great communication. Prior to undertaking a project, I pay close attention to every detail discussed during client meetings, and ask precise, well thought out questions in order to define what the client wants and needs so that all the "fine points" are known beforehand, rather than after the fact. Because of this approach, it is not unusual for a draft or script I've prepared to be approved by the brand manager, med-regulatory-legal review committee, or my agency clients on the first "go round" with only minor revisions. My clients often tell me that they appreciate my high standards, attention to detail, and ability to "hit the mark," especially in situations when they need someone to "fix" a project that is in poor shape, has already gone overbudget, and hasn't been able to get past client or med-regulatory-legal review. Despite the high standards and skills I offer, I charge an average market rate which is currently about $85/hr. Although I can charge more since I'm highly experienced, I set my rates around the current market average to keep them competitive. I am sensitive to budgetary restrictions, so under certain circumstances, I may be willing to accept a lower rate. I will also sometimes accept a flat fee for a project, if the amount is fair.