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Uniquely Broad Range of Skills

Clients often tell me they get frustrated when looking for a pharmaceutical copywriter. They say that “good talent is hard to find” and “it’s difficult to find one person with such diverse skills.” They’re seeking someone who is: creative and conceptual, yet able to accurately understand and interpret highly scientific materials; adept at writing copy for a wide range of print, digital, and interactive media and therapy areas; a strategic and visual thinker who is familiar with FDA regulations and attentive to detail. It’s an unusual mix of talents, but, even so, I am a highly experienced pharma copywriter who is proven to have all of these and many other important skills. Read More

Agency AND Industry Experience

Want to hire a pharma copywriter who truly understands client needs? Then hire someone who has many years of experience working on both the agency and industry side, like I do. I’ve worked with many leading advertising or interactive agencies and pharma companies, including: Saatchi and Saatchi, Digitas Health, Integrated Communications, Heartbeat Digital, Core-Create, KPR, Parke-Davis, Schering-Plough, and others. While working on the client side, I managed projects that were contracted to outside agencies, so I have first hand experience regarding the client’s perspective because I was the client! Read More


High Standards, Fair Rates

Without a doubt, an excellent pharmaceutical copywriter must have high standards. The copy needs to  fulfill client objectives, present complex scientific data accurately, and be meticulously annotated and referenced. It not only needs to be approved by the brand manager, but must also pass a notoriously strict medical-regulatory-legal committee review. Ideally, this should be achieved with as few rounds of project revisions as possible.  I know how difficult it is to find skilled pharmaceutical copywriters and make it my objective to deliver such exceptional results, which have consistently pleased my clients. Read More

Want to discuss a project? Have questions? Contact Me!

  • On/Offsite
  • Fee
  • Payment
  • Audience
  • Science Level

Question:  Do you work onsite or offsite? 

I work onsite or offsite (or a combination of both) for clients in Manhattan and New Jersey.  I can work offsite with any client remotely, no matter where they are located.  I’ve effectively done so with many clients across the country, as well as internationally.  I’ve even successfully worked remotely on extremely intense and demanding assignments, such as product launches.

While it’s sometimes necessary to have someone onsite, hiring me to work remotely can be an efficient, cost-saving option since you only pay for the time spent on a project, not for time in the office. So, if you only need  part-time help, or you don’t want to pay a freelancer while waiting for client feedback, then this may be your best choice.  I can even attend meetings remotely via conference call, speaker phone, or GotoMeeting (or other videoconferencing software).

Question:  What are your rates?

I can arrange a fee on an hourly, project, or contract basis.  Although I’m highly experienced and can charge more, I set my rates around the current market average to keep them competitive.  Right now, the average hourly market rate for freelance pharma copywriters is about $85 an hour.  Under certain circumstances, I may be willing to accept a lower rate (discounted as much as 25%), or may need to quote a higher fee. I will also sometimes accept a flat fee for a project, if the amount is fair.

So, if your budget can accommodate the fees that I’ve described, contact me with the project details and I’ll quote an exact hourly rate or work with you to negotiate a fair flat fee or contract.

Question:  What are your payment terms? 

I accept payment either on a W-2 or 1099.  Clients usually pay me bi-weekly when I’m working on a W-2. When I’m paid an hourly rate on a 1099,  I bill either weekly or monthly, with the invoiced payment due “net 30 days.”

When working for a flat fee or with small, new clients, I require a deposit up front, equivalent to either one third or one half of the estimated or agreed upon flat rate for the project.  The remaining portions of the balance due are due upon submission of the first draft, and/or upon project completion.

Question:  Do you write materials for health care professionals or consumers? 

I‘ve written a broad range of digital, print, and interactive materials for physicians (DTP), other health professionals (DHP), and consumers (DTC), as well as pharma sales representatives and marketing personnel.  I’ve also written materials for other end users, such as research scientists.

A list of the types of materials that I’ve written for these audiences can be found on the media page of this website.  Or, if you would like to view my portfolio, contact me for the password.

Question:  How comfortable are you with “high science”?

T he answer is that I am extremely comfortable with high science.  I  have worked extensively in scientifically complex therapy areas, such as oncology.  I am also the sole author of journal articles on highly advanced medical technologies, such as pharmacogenomics and nanomedicine, which are the basis for future generations of pharmaceuticals.

Unlike most pharmaceutical copywriters, I hold prestigious professional and academic credentials in BOTH science (BA in biochemistry) and writing (MS in journalism), as well as credentials in various digital media (see resume). That said,  I’ve also worked on accounts for OTC and Rx pharma products that are so scientifically basic, that they are marketed like cosmetic products (e.g., moisturizers, dermal fillers).


“One of the most outstanding writers I have worked with”…

“Very conceptual, uses her broad knowledge base effectively,.. an excellent writer”…

“I spoke with someone today and…told them they better snatch you up before someone else does”…

“Beautiful work…You did a great job on a quick turn time”…

“This went incredibly well…Your work is terrific.”…